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Lablab Bean, also known as Egyptian Bean, is a rich annual vine that produces very aromatic flowers and lovely decorative fruit. The fruit assume the form of long green legumes that contain edible seeds. Lab-lab Bean flowers for most of the summer and can be used to grow on balconies, pergolas or up a trellis. 25 seeds per pack. The plants require sunny positions; they grow 2 to 4 metres in height. Annual


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Lablab or hyacinth bean is a warm-season annual legume that originated from Africa.

It can grow up to 2m and is a vigorous, twining or trailing legume with purple stems, trifoliate leafs and white, pink, or purple flowers.

Lablab is drought tolerant once established and capable of extracting soil water from at least 2 metres depth.

It does not like wet soil conditions, is tolerant of high temperatures and able to grow at low temperatures (down to 3°C) for short periods.

Lablab is cultivated throughout the tropics for food, as forage for livestock and as an ornamental plant.

Livestock is strongly attracted to LabLab’s large, succulent leaves which are an excellent source of protein and phosphorus.

Culinary Uses

  • Leaves – eaten raw/cooked like spinach.
  • Flowers and immature pods – used as a vegetable.
  • The root can be boiled or baked for food.
  • The seeds are used to make tofu and tempeh.

Mature dried seeds are edible if thoroughly boiled, changing the water several times. Young immature pods can be cooked and eaten.

Parts used

The whole plant.

Medicinal uses

It is said that it provides 227 calories per 1 cup of 194 grams – it contains B vitamins, 111.13% of iron, 73.56% of copper and 50.27% of Zinc, 159 mg of magnesium, 233 mg of phosphorus, 15.79 g of protein and 78 mg of calcium.

It is antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, tonic, aphrodisiac, hypocholesterolemic, galactagogue, has antispasmodic properties and is an appetite suppressants.

Can tonify the spleen and stomach, stop diarrhoea, leucorrhoea with reddish discharge, infantile malnutrition and is anti-cancer.

For animals

It is said that can be used as forage for livestock.

Excellent source of protein and phosphorus.

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