Sell your produce on the EdenHub Marketplace

Are you a local producer or master of your craft? The EdenHub marketplace was created to act as an outlet for small-scale producers who don’t have the cashflow to setup and manage their own independent store, while at the same time providing a comprehensive network of collection hubs across the greater Garden Route.

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How it works

While our plan is to eventually have collection hubs across the Garden Route, we’re starting off by giving vendors the ability to choose which delivery options they’d like to offer. Whether it’s a drop-off-and-collect service like Pargo or Pudo, or you’re able to meetup in person, or are fine with customers collecting their orders direct from your farm – you decide!

As a vendor, it is your responsibility to ensure the customer receives their order using one of the delivery methods you selected. Products should be properly sealed and packaged, using natural materials where possible. Pargo and Pudo are both great options for sending non-perishables, while fresh produce is better to meet-up in person, or collect from a weekly market that you attend.

Vendor pricing

EdenHub was established to provide an outlet to local producers to sell their goods and is being setup as a non-profit. The fees we charge go directly to covering the operating costs and delivery.

Pricing is subject to change in the event that we find the current commission is not sufficient to cover the costs. We’ll only ever charge what’s needed to keep the platform running.

Monthly fee




* The monthly vendor subscription fee will be R200 pm and 10% commission on successful sales, but is being wavered for the first 200 producers. Any producers who signup before we reach 200 will automatically be grandfathered in with no monthly fee and only 10% commission.

Managing your store

Your vendor dashboard is where you keep track of your sales, current orders, manage your inventory and shop profile information. You have full control over your products and can import your products using our example Google Sheet.

Still not convinced?

Wholesale pricing

As a vendor you have the option to add special wholesale pricing to supply retail outlets across the Garden Route. You also have the option to offering wholesale pricing on specific products only.

Vacation mode

In the event that you need to take some time you can simply enable vacation mode and we’ll suspend any sales on your store until you return.

Product reviews

Customers are encouraged to review the products they purchase in order to give other customers peace of mind that the vendor they are buying from is reliable and the product comes as advertised.

Distribution network

By signing up as a vendor you instantly get access to a growing customer base across the wider Garden Route, extending your customer base overnight.

Create your seller profile

Registering as a seller is quick and easy. Simply fill out the basic registration form below, then proceed to the Setup Wizard to add your store information. Once that is complete you’ll be ready to start adding products.