Why buy local?

1. Fresher foods.

Without having to be stored and transported around the country as store bought food does, your food is fresher and lasts longer.

2. There is way less packaging involved.

According to scientists in 2010, around eight million tons of plastic trash ended up in the ocean. What is even worse is that the number is expected to increase ten-fold over the next decade! Plastic is a global issue and it can be easily combated by choosing reusable over plastic. If you choose to buy local, most of the items being sold have limited packaging. Meet up with your closest supplier and often no packaging is required at all. Less plastic for the win!

3. Buying local helps the local economy.

When you buy local, it stays local. Each time you buy a locally produced product you support a small business. Your town, the community will prosper, and people will be more connected than ever to their own town. Give your local economy the boost it so desperately needs at the moment.

4. You know where your food comes.

This is often something that not enough people consider. How is your food produced? What types of pesticides or herbicides are being used on your produce? Does the farmer use any form of permaculture or natural farming? Does that natural body butter contain ingredients that use palm oil? You and everyone else has the right to know where the food is coming from. This connects you to your food and allows you to choose healthier choices for yourself. Be sure to read our vendor bio’s to find out more information about each of them.

5. Buying local is actually better for the planet.

Not only does shopping or buying locally from the farmers’ market or other local market reduce waste from packaging, but it also reduces the use of fuels to transport them from far away. Food miles not only consume energy, but they contribute to poor air quality.

6. The experience is way more fun.

Going to the grocery store, would not seem like the most ideal place to have a good time. At least I don’t think so. When you shop online your can shop when it suits you 24 hours a day. No masks or pesky sprays. Then when its order you can meet up with farmers/producers directly, pick up from a hub or simply have it couriered to you. It’s on your terms when and where suits you.

7. You get to meet your growers/producers.

If you get to know the makers that are producing your food and products, you not only know exactly how they are produced or grown, but you can sometimes get the meet. Friends are made, connections are shared and quite often you get to see where your food or goods are produced. It is a way to directly support your local farmers, get a weekly fresh batch of produce and goodies and eat seasonally.

8. It can help you save money.

A lot of the time, buying local, organic produce and handmade items, is cheaper than buying it in a conventional shop. Something that is local will last longer meaning less food being wasted. Quality handmade goods last longer and need to be bought less often.